Car Write Off Check

Safeguard against buying a Written-Off vehicle.

New law for Written-Off vehicles in NSW

RTA states that "The new rule changes meant that all NSW light vehicles written-off after 31 January 2011 cannot be registered and can only be used for parts or scrap metal, except in limited circumstances."

Check the Written-Off Status Before Buying

Our vehicle check can tell you if the vehicle is listed as written-off.

A written-off vehicle is one that has been assessed as being too expensive to repair, or too damaged for safe repair. This is a very critical piece of information because criminals may use the identity of a written-off vehicle to disguise the true identity of a stolen vehicle, or rebuild a written-off vehicle with stolen parts.

A Sample Write-Off result:

Written-Off Records Reported.

  • Collision, NSW, 16 Jun 2011, Inspected
  • Collision, NSW, 21 Jul 2010, Economic Repairable Write-off

What is WOVR?

The Written-off Vehicles Register (WOVR) is an Australia-wide initiative designed to deter vehicle theft and to ensure written-off vehicles are repaired to an appropriate standard before re-registration.

What is Re-birthing?

Rebirthing is the term used when identities of damaged vehicles are bought at auctions, or elsewhere, and put onto stolen vehicles to give them new identification numbers.

What is a Statutory Write-Off?

A statutory write-off means that the vehicle has been damaged beyond safe repair and will have its registration cancelled and the cancellation recorded against its VIN on the Register. A Statutory Write-Off by law cannot be re-registered in any State or Territory.

What is a Repairable Write-Off?

A Repairable Write-Off is a vehicle that is assessed as a total loss and is not a statutory write-off. A repairable write-off will be permitted to be registered following the completion of a Vehicle Identity Inspection.
A Repairable Write-Off can be due to.

  • Flood, Storm or Hail damage (Natural disaster)
  • Collision (Accidents)

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