Vehicle Security Check in Victoria

Buying a vehicle in Victoria?

Whether you are buying a vehicle in Melbourne or the rest of victoria it is in your best interests to do a vehicle check before you put any money on it to make sure you are buying a clean vehicle.

Did you know VSR VicRoads has ceased?

Victoria's Vehicle Security Register (VSR) was closed in January 2012. VicRoads no longer provides Vehicle Security Checks or Vehicle Information Packages. VSR has been replaced by new national register called PPSR.

VSR Vehicle Check (PPSR)

Getting a Vehicle Security Check in VIC

Avoid the risk associated with buying a used car with VSR Check in Victoria.

Too often, a buyer will not get a security check on a vehicle in VIC and snatch up a low priced used car without thinking twice about the decision. But those buyers could end up owing thousands of dollars if the vehicle was still encumbered. So how does one know if a vehicle still has money owed on it? It's simple, a vehicle check will show you all of the details that you need to know before purchasing a used car, so you can be confident that you are making a good purchase.

What do we provide?

Basically with Victoria's Vehicle Security Register (VSR) in VIC, users can check if the used vehicle they are about to buy is under finance, if the vehicle has been report stolen or is listed under Written-Off vehicles register (WOVR). When you do a VSR in VIC with iREGO, we provide instant results that tells you all about the vehicle's past history and allows you to buy the vehicle with confidence.