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The importance of VIN Check in Australia

Find out vehicle's past history and make an informed decision

How do you make sure you are not buying a lemon? Our simple VIN Check will help you find any potential issues with a vehicle. If you buy a vehicle which is currently under finance and the money is not paid out the vehicle could be re-possessed. Also the VIN check can reveal if the vehicle is of interest to the police such as stolen or if it was previously written-off. When you do a VIN check in our site we provide instant results that is detailed and easy-to-understand. For a quick, easy, detailed VIN check, iREGO is your choice.

What does a VIN Check provide?

The VIN check allows to find out the vehicle's past history such as Money owing, Stolen or Written-Off.Simply enter the VIN and pay our low fee to instantly find out the details of the vehicle. Many customers tell us this is the best 10 bucks they have ever spent.

Is the VIN Check reliable?

The data comes from PPSR register as well as National Vehicle Database known as NEVDIS, both are Australian Govt entities, so rest assured you can be sure the results will be accurate.

How to Check VIN?

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Sample VIN Result

Checking a VIN on our website is fast, easy and our color coded report will make it easier for you to understand the results.