REVS Check Made Easy

Getting a REVS check on a used vehicle is an important first step to make sure the vehicle is not encumbered. Get instant, easy to read REV report with Government certificate.

Where is the Govt. REVS?

Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS, NSW) has been decommissioned in Jan 2012. Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) replaced REVS NSW, REVS WA and other state registers.

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What is REVS and why is it important?

A simple REVS Check can avoid the risk of re-possession.

Whether you find a used car in the classified ads or on a trusted website, you should always do a revs check to avoid the risk of your vehicle being re-possessed. So what is a REVS check? Basically, a REVS check is a quick check that will find out if a vehicle has any finance on it. Our REVS check provides instant and valuable information including Finance, Stolen and Write off details.

Why REVS Check is Important?

REVS check can tell you if the vehicle you are buying has any finance which allows you to buy the vehicle with confidence. It is true that you could lose your vehicle if the finance is not paid out. At iREGO, doing a REVS Check is a breeze. We provide instant results that is detailed and easy to understand. A VIN is all you need to do our REVS check, and we look after the rest.

Does this work for my state?

Infact we provide REV checks all over Australia. So it doesn't matter where the vehicle is currently located or registered, be it NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, SA, TAS, ACT, NT, you can get an instant check and be assured.

Checking REVS is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Enter VIN ( What is VIN?).
2. Pay Securely by Credit card or PayPal.
3. View results instantly.

Sample REVS Result

Did you know that the fair trading REVS has ceased? Fair trading REVS has ceased.