REVS Check in WA

REVS WA is Closed

The WA REVS system is no longer available. A new national register of personal property securities (PPS) has replaced REVS from Jan 2012.

Don't Risk! Check before you Buy.

It is important to check the vehicle history before you buy. The seller may not be telling you everything. Better be SAFE than SORRY.

Instant REVS Check (PPSR)

The Importance of a REVS Check in WA

Eliminate the risk of buying a used vehicle with our REVS check for WA.

Just when you are about to give up the search for a used car, you find the perfect one - it's at a great price, with virtually no wear and tear, and it even comes in your favourite colour. So you purchase the car without getting a revs check in WA and live happily ever after… Until you find out that there are still thousands of dollars owed on the car by the previous owners, and a repossession team comes to takes it away! You can avoid all of this by getting a simple revs check in WA for any used car on the market today.

Get Your REVS Check in WA with Us!

Our revs check in Perth or rest of WA is fast, simple, and inexpensive. Getting a revs check in WA is as easy as entering the VIN number for the vehicle in our website, paying our low price, and getting instant results! With a revs check in WA, we can tell you if the vehicle is being loaned or has money still owed on it, so you don't have to go through any hassle at all. A low cost revs check in WA is nowhere near the potential cost of money owed on the car, so you are making an all-around good decision when you get a revs check in WA.

What's Included?

  • Finance Check
  • Stolen Check
  • Written-Off Check
  • Vehicle Details
  • Rego Details
  • PPSR Certificate

How it Works?

No Need to Register

1 Enter VIN

2 Pay Securely

3 Instant Results

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