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Classic Vehicle Check (Pre-1989)

Vehicle Check by Chassis Number

Get the vehicle history for classic, vintage vehicles with a Chassis Number Check.

So you love classic vehicles. By classic vehicle we mean the vehicles that are manufactured prior to 1989. You found a gem and want to snap it up. But how do you check the vehicle history without a VIN? Not a worry, Our chassis number check can help you with that. Its easy to get mixed up with VIN and chassis numbers. But the fact is if your vehicle is built prior to 1989 the only way you could check that vehicle's history is to do a chassis number check.

Why my VIN is not 17 characters?

It is easy to mistake a chassis number as a VIN. Worse, some chassis numbers look like VIN and some DO have 17 characters. But the rule is if the vehicle was distributed in Australia prior to 1989, you should consider it as a chassis number and accordingly do a chassis check to find out the history of that vehicle.

How to do a Chassis Check?

Doing a chassis check on our website is super easy. Just enter the chassis number of the vehicle that you would like to check. When prompted pay our super-cheap price, and we will instantly provide you with the chassis number check results. Whats even better is we send an easy to read report to your email so you won't lose them. You can't beat iREGO for the ease of a chassis check.

Is REVS Free?

REVS check used to be FREE but NOT anymore. We provide PPSR (formerly REVS Check) for a low price and great service.

Did you Know?

Pre 1989 Vehicle's VIN is known as Chassis Number. To do the REVS check you should use Chassis Number.

Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) replaced REVS, VCheck QLD, VicRoads and other state registers.

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