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VIN Decoding for Australian Vehicles

Find out how the VIN Decoder works.

If you are searching the web for a free VIN decoder you might have come across many American websites but most of them don't work for Australian vehicles as you might have found already. That's because USA follows a standard that is slightly different to Australia.

Why can't you find a reliable VIN Decoder?

Even-though Australia follows the ISO 3779 VIN Standard, our experience in dealing with thousands of VINs show it is not straight forward to decode a VIN as such. There are numerous VINs that doesn't follow the standard, so VIN decoding is fraught with danger. If it was only that simple to decode a VIN, we wish it was, there would have been so many free online VIN decoders for Australian Vehicles.

How to reliably decode a VIN?

With the fact that none of the free VIN decoders provide reliable information, iREGO offers a VIN Lookup as well as Vehicle History services. So depending on what your needs are you might choose the one you like, enter the VIN to get detailed vehicle data.