What happened to Free REVS Check?

Unfortunately REVS is No Longer Free

As you may be aware for many years Government agencies such as RTA NSW have provided free REVS check.

REVS check used to be Free but NOT anymore. REVs Check (now called PPSR) is now a paid service.

We do REVS Check for a low price and great service.

Instant, Easy & Cheap

REVS Check Made Easy

Get our Fast & Easy REVS Check and be assured when buying an used vehicle.

In case you were wondering how could you do a good old Free REVs Check, the fact is REVS has a free revs check is over. REVS changed into PPSR and has become a paid service. Find out if the vehicle you are about to buy has clear title, if its reported Stolen or Written-Off (Storm, Flood, Collisions etc).

REVS is not Free but certainly better

How do you know if the vehicle you are buying is under finance? Car buyers for a number of years used the free Government REVS check. The fact is if the finance is not paid out the lender has the power to re-posses the vehicle. When you do a REVS check in our site we provide instant results that is detailed and easy-to-understand. For a quick, easy, detailed REVS check, there is no better place than iREGO. The new REVS check (PPSR) may not be free but it is better for sure as it provides additional information previously was not available with the free revs check.

So How do you do a REVS Check?

It is super easy to get the check and it only takes under 2 minutes to get the results.

1. Enter VIN.   2. Pay Securely.   3. Get Instant results.

Did you know? The free REVS has ceased effective Jan 2012. REVS is now closed. But we could help.

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