Understanding PPSR Search Results & Certificate

This page provides information on how to read and interpret the PPSR results and certificate in simple terms.

A Sample PPSR title result:

Encumbrance (Finance) Reported. Secured Parties:


What is Encumbrance mean?

Encumbrance means the vehicle has security interest on it. This is typically a lender has financial interest on the vehicle.

You could see the lender's details such as company, address and contact info in the pdf report that was emailed to you.

What do I do if the vehicle is under finance?

Obviously you wouldn't want to buy the vehicle that has money owing on it. It is true that if the money is not paid out the lender could re-possess the vehicle. Inform the seller to organise for a clear title.

The seller says the loan is paid out since, How do I check that?

You will need to do a fresh check. Before you do that make sure the lender has lifted the 'bar' on the PPSR register. Some lenders take few days to do this. Once the 'bar' is lifted and you do a fresh search, you should see green bar saying 'No Encumbrance Reported'.

A Sample PPSR Write-off result:

Written-Off Records Reported.

  • Collision, WA, 16 Jun 2011, Inspected
  • Collision, NSW, 21 Jul 2010, Economic Repairable Write-off

Important: New rule for Written-off vehicles in NSW

RTA states that "The new rule changes meant that all NSW light vehicles written-off after 31 January 2011 cannot be registered and can only be used for parts or scrap metal, except in limited circumstances."

What is a Write-off mean?

A write-off record indicates damage to the vehicle. There are 2 types of write-offs.

  • Statutory (Extensive Damage, the vehicle cannot be re-registered)
  • Repairable write-off (Vehicle could be repaired and re-registered after inspection)

How do I find out what was damaged?

Unfortunately the report does not specify the extent of the damage.

What is Storm, Flood Other Write-off means?

This means the vehicle suffered a Water or Hail damage. Other write-off means different things in different jurisdictions. Please contact RTA or relevant department in your jurisdiction

What is Inspected mean?

Since the damage, the vehicle has been repaired and passed inspection for road-worthiness. These vehicles can be re-registered again.

How do I go about buying vehicle with Written-Off records?

Exercise caution. Talk to the seller to find out the extent of the damage. A competent mechanical inspection will also help you ascertain what's been affected.

Whether you decide not to buy the vehicle or aware of the incident and use it for a better price, our vehicle check will help you make an informed decision.

A Sample PPSR stolen result:

Stolen Records Reported.

  • VIN, 14 Oct 2012, QLD, POL JUR-Q REF-Q12048772
  • Plate, 14 Oct 2012, QLD, POL JUR-Q REF-Q12048772
  • Engine, 14 Oct 2012, QLD, POL JUR-Q REF-Q12048772

How does stolen records work?

When a vehicle is reported stolen police 'flag' the vehicle on the national database via CRIMTRAC. Once flagged this data is available nationwide.

What could be reported stolen?

The following or combinations of these are reported.

  • Plate - Number plate is reported stolen
  • Engine - Vehicle Engine is reported stolen
  • VIN - VIN is reported stolen

Why all 3 are reported stolen?

When a vehicle itself is stolen as opposed to only plate etc, all 3 items are flagged.

Where can I get more info?

The report will have the original police jurisdiction that flagged the vehicle including a police reference number. Please contact the police quoting the reference.