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Don't Risk Buying an Unknown Car.

Getting a comprehensive history on a car is a crucial step before buying an used car. Our simple PPSR car history check can uncover any potential issues such as Money owing, Stolen or Write-Offs. Better be SAFE than SORRY.

Free Car History?

Car History check is NOT Free in Australia. We provide History (PPSR) Check for a low price and great service.

Why Pay More For Car's History?

Our history report contains all the critical information about the car you are buying.

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Financial Encumbrances
Money owing on the vehicle
Stolen Vehicle Status
Written Off Status
Storm, Flood, Collision
Repairable Write-Off
Vehicle Details
Make, Model, Year, Colour, Body Type,
Vehicle Type, Engine Number, VIN
Rego Details
Rego Number, Rego Expiry, State
Official Certificate (PPSR)
Odometer Discrepancy
This is just an estimate.
Car Valuation
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Check the Car's History Before Buying

Car History check can potentially save you thousands of dollars and a great deal of hassle.

Our vehicle history report helps you make informed decision by providing important information about the car you are about to buy. A good car history report like the one you will get on our site will tell you if the car has been stolen, if it has ever been in a serious accident, if money is owed on it, the original make, model, year, and colour of the car, and a lot more. This is why getting a vehicle history check is so important.

How to get History of a Car

To get a car history check from our site, the only information that you need will be the VIN number of the car. iREGO delivers instant, easy to understand report on a used car for a low fee. When your vehicle history check is completed, we will automatically email your car's report along-with the official certificate detailing all aspects of your car's history.

Sample Result

"$10 saved me buying a car that had few accidents."

Melanie, NSW

"Glad I checked, the car is still under finance."

Nathan, QLD